Caucus List

Sportsman’s Caucus

Senate Rural Education Caucus -- Co-Chair

Creative Communications Council

Executive Committee of the Republican Steering Committee

Farmer Cooperative Caucus

Sugar Caucus

U.S. Congressional Internet Caucus

Senate Air Force Caucus -- Chairman

Missile States Coalition -- Co-Chair (with Sen. Conrad)

Senate Cuba Working Group -- Cofounder (with Sen. Baucus)

U.S.-Russia Legislative Working Group on Nonproliferation -- Founder

National Guard Caucus

C-130 Modernization Caucus

Senate Cultural Caucus -- Co-Chair

4-H Caucus

Senate Republican Capital Markets Task Force

Border Security and Enforcement First Caucus

Congressional Multiple Sclerosis Caucus

Senate High Tech Task Force 

Senate Nanotechnology Caucus

Congressional Caucus on CPAs and Accountants

Senate Career and Technical Education (CTE) Caucus

Senate 2nd Amendmnet Caucus

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