Congressional Award

Wyoming contact information:
Trista Ostrom
Executive Director
314 East 21st
Cheyenne, WY, 82001
Phone: 307-514-2004

Mission statement: “The Wyoming Congressional Award provides opportunities for young people to unleash their potential by achieving personal goals focused on volunteerism, character development and fitness.”

The Congressional Award is a non-competitive program, open to all youth ages 13.5 through 23 – fit or disabled, affluent or disadvantaged. The Congressional Award is an earned award, as individual and diverse as the number of awardees.

Program Areas include:

Voluntary Public Service: Help improve life in your community.
Personal Development: Learn a new skill, improve an existing skill.
Physical Fitness: Lean a new physical skill or improve personal physical fitness over a period of time.
Expedition/Exploration: An Expedition is an overnight camping experience. An Exploration covers an extended time exploring a different culture or country.
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