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February 1, 2012

Accountant senator says no more number ‘fudging’

Legislation would end budgeting gimmicks that hide cost

Earlier today U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., joined a chorus of his Republican colleagues from the Senate and House in calling for an end to the budget tricks and gimmicks that are used to hide billions of dollars in deficit spending and conceal the real cost of government programs.

During his comments, Enzi congratulated the House of Representatives for actually passing a budget and noted that the Senate majority has not passed a budget in over
1,000 days. He also had the following comments:

“It shouldn’t take an accountant to tell you when you’re fudging on the
numbers, but it does. We steal from trust funds, we take money that will come
in over a 10-year period and pretend like we got it over a two-year period and
fund new programs. We don’t use it to eliminate the debt we’ve got, or make the
United States more responsible, more respected and positioned to be the
strongest country in the world. That’s a problem we have to solve.

“It’s time we got rid of the gimmicks. It’s time that we got more transparency in the budget. But, it’s very important that we actually have a budget.”
The bicameral press conference followed the House’s introduction of the Honest
Budget Act. The legislation would restore open and transparent budgeting by
ending 10 long used budget gimmicks.

To find out more about the Honest Budget Act, click here

To read the legislation, click here.

To download audio from the press conference, click here.

To watch video from the press conference, click here.

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