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On October 1, the continuing resolution that had been funding the federal government expired. Until Congress can agree to a spending plan to continue funding the federal government, federal offices including Senate offices will discontinue most services. 

Senator Enzi will retain only those staff necessary to bring the normal functions of his offices to a close.  From that point only one of his five state offices will open each day on a rotating basis.  He will further reduce staffing in Washington, D.C. to an appropriations/budget policy advisor, and personnel to take phone messages. 

Constituent mail and email inquiries, tours, requests for help with federal agencies (casework), flag requests, as well as updates to Enzi’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube portals and other services will resume when funding is restored.

This is a partial government shutdown.  In addition to members of Congress fulfilling their Constitutional duty, federal workers involved in activities related to safeguarding human life and property will continue working – the military, TSA, and air traffic controllers, for example.  Social Security checks will continue to be mailed.  The President has discretion to determine what parts of the executive branch will continue to function and what parts won’t.  For more information about a particular department or agency, please check its website. 

Federal employees will not be paid during the shutdown.  The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that employees who did work during the shutdown be compensated once a funding bill has been passed.   

At this time, there is no way of knowing when full operations of the federal government will resume.  That is completely dependent on when Congress and the President are able to agree on funding.

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