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U.S. Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso, both R-Wyo, joined Senator Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and 75 others in cosponsoring legislation awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to the four surviving members of the 1942 Doolittle Raiders. The Senate passed the bill unanimously on November 19. It awaits action in the House.

On April 18, 1942, Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle led 79 airmen and sixteen B-25 bombers on an attack on the Japanese capital of Tokyo, the first air raid on the Japanese mainland of World War II. Seventy-three of the 80 Doolittle Raiders returned home after the raid. Only four of the raiders are still alive today.

Enzi and Barrasso said the Congressional Gold Medal will stand as a testament to the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders outstanding act of heroism and valor. Their brave air raid on the Japanese homeland signaled a turning point for the American people during the early stages of the Pacific conflict in World War II.

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