Washington, D.C. – The continued failures of Obamacare and the history of health care reform were the subjects of a new video U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., recorded this week. The video addresses a few questions and comments Wyoming constituents sent him during the past couple weeks through Facebook and Twitter, from phone calls to his D.C. and Wyoming offices, and from email and written letters.

Obamacare failures

“The president has said several times that this is settled law and that there can’t be any changes. Yet, he changes two things a week that wind up to be deathly for Obamacare. He says Republicans don’t have any ideas. We have been sharing ideas with him for four years, he just hasn’t been listening. I have a 10 step plan that is on my website that would have done more than Obamacare and been paid for. It would be sustainable. It would have let you to keep your doctor, keep your hospital, keep your insurance plan. But the president just kind of takes those ideas and runs them through a shredder.

“I found out that if you do like your insurance you can’t keep it according to the Obamacare regulations, so I put in a bill to repeal those regulations. The Democrats voted against it unanimously. Now they are having to answer for that and I think they are a little shook at that possibility.”

Health care reform

“When the president came to the presidency, he had 60 votes in the Unites States Senate. Sixty votes will allow you to achieve anything you want to achieve. Leader McConnell appointed three of us to be part of a taskforce with another three from the Democrats. We tried to get Republican principles, Republican ideas made a part of any health care law that is out there…those are ideas that would work, that would be sustainable. I was appointed to try and get some of those into the bill. After a while we could see we weren’t making process on it, but we did keep the president from having government-run health care from the moment he became president.

“…they threw the Republicans under the bus and the president went ahead with the plan that he had, which was different from anything we discussed. And that’s what we wound up with. It was poorly planned, poorly executed, and you can see the results now. The website is just the tip of the iceberg.

“I’ve tried to repeal it, I’ve tried to defund it, I’ve tried to dismantle it. I have 17 different bills that would make a difference in that law.”

Senator Enzi records “Collecting Common Sense from Wyoming for Washington” videos every other week when the Senate is in session. He encourages Wyoming residents to continue sharing their thoughts, ideas, and questions and he will address as many of the topics as possible. For individual responses, constituents should email him through his web page –

Click here to download the video and audio.

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