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Enzi captures small business committee spot

Senator also earns place on Senate Special Aging Committee

December 17, 1996

Washington D.C.--Cutting red tape and tax relief for workers involved in small business are at the top of the list for the U.S. Senate Small Business Committee and U.S. Senator Mike Enzi will be able to help lead in the effort thanks to earning a spot on that committee.



"Reducing regulation and providing tax relief for small businesses is vital to Wyoming. Ninety percent of our state's businesses are small businesses," said Enzi. "These are two of my highest priorities and what I talked about during the campaign. I'm elated that I am in a strategic position to act. The Small Business Committee is the prime committee I wanted to be on."

As Enzi traveled Wyoming during the campaign he listened to the examples of "nonsense" small business laws that he believes need to be changed.



"A business where the owner is the only employee is still required to do 'surprise' drug tests on his or herself This includes being the observer and the person who has to fire themselves if they fail the drug test," said Enzi. "I'm looking forward to scrutinizing and eliminating nonsensical rules and regulations, or at least working them over until they make sense. I collected lots of examples during my 44,000 miles of traveling during the campaign."



Enzi has also secured a spot on the Senate Special Aging Committee, which will concern itself, among other important issues, with the solvency of the entitlement programs of Medicare and Social Security.

Enzi also looks forward to tackling Medicare and Social Security problems with his colleagues on the Special Aging Committee.



"Medicare will be insolvent by 2001 and by 2020 taxes and fund earnings will no longer be enough to sustain Social Security. We have to find ways of eliminating fraud and abuse of the system and give people more freedom, responsibility and the means to provide for their own future, while still guaranteeing those in the system get out of it what they deserve," Enzi said.



Enzi believes his placement on the Small Business and Aging committees in addition to his committee assignments on Labor and Human Resources and Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committees, puts Wyoming in an advantageous position for the 105' and future Congresses. This is true "particularly in light of the committee coverage given to Wyoming when Senator Thomas and Representative Cubin are factored in."