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Washington D.C.--Wyoming youths wanting to broaden their horizons', learn more about our nation's capitol and what goes on there are encouraged to apply for an internship in U.S. Senator Mike Enzi's office.

"We usually have three interns in the office at any one time during the year who usually stay on a three-month basis," said Carroll Wood, correspondence director. "We're always looking for more applicants."

He said traditional college-age students are the usual applicants. Interns are responsible for a wide range of jobs including research for legislative assistants who keep the senator informed on the issues, phone work and constituent services. Housing is not provided by the office, but interns do receive an hourly wage.

Wood said learning about the legislative process and the inside story of the U.S. Senate is not the only fruit of an intern's labor.

"Washington DC is an amazing city. It's a place where you can really live and feel the history around you," he said. "If the fact that you will probably go past the United States Supreme Court or the Lincoln Memorial on your way to work everyday isn't enough, the social opportunities are numerous. The DC area has hundreds of restaurants, theaters, galleries, museums and malls. There's always something going on here, whether it's a Broadway show or a Bullets game."

Anyone interested should contact Wood by writing: Senator Mike Enzi, Internship Coordinator, United States Senate, Washington, DC 20510 or call 1-202-224-3424.