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U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi said today's decision by the World Trade Organization to impose 100 percent penalty tariffs on $124 million of imports from the European Union in response to the continuing ban of U.S. beef is a good thing, but "this does not solve our problem."

"We need the EU to lift the beef ban to demonstrate a real commitment to free and fair trade and to the World Trade Organization.

"The WTO is the recognized authority of free and fair trade. The integrity of the system is coming into question if our main trading partner, the EU, cannot comply with the WTO's rules. The WTO is expected to launch into a new round of trade negotiations in November in Seattle. There are numerous instances of unfair trade harming U.S. agricultural community that must be addressed before we get to Seattle.

"It is imperative for the EU to get in line with the WTO ruling. The EU needs to reexamine its actions and show dedication to our trade system and the standards of good business."