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Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., told his Washington, D.C. staff today that it's important for them and Americans everywhere not to panic and beware of rumors in light of anthrax being discovered this week in a letter sent to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle.

"My staff and I are working in the offices today, but in order to conduct a precautionary environmental survey more efficiently and quickly, all Washington Senate offices will close Thursday and Friday," said Enzi. "We will continue to go about the business of this country. We are just proceeding with extra caution. The Senate is in session today and senators will still be voting today and tomorrow."

Enzi would like Wyomingites to know that because of the precautions being taken, mail delivery will be slow. Thursday and Friday at least, phone calls should be directed to his state offices. His Wyoming office numbers are, in Gillette 1-307-682-6268, in Cheyenne 1-307-772-2477, in Casper 1-307-261-6572, in Jackson 1-307-739-9507 and in Cody 1-307-527-9444. He encouraged constituents, if they would like the timeliest response possible to correspondence, to e-mail him at: Another way to reach his Washington office when it opens is to call his toll free number at 1-888-250-1879.

Enzi encouraged people to learn the facts about anthrax. Enzi's website,, has useful information.

Reports indicate that the anthrax sent to Daschle's office was the "common" variety. Enzi emphasized that even if someone has been exposed they will not necessarily contract anthrax because the concentration or number of spores may not be high enough. Anthrax is not contagious, and even if someone contracts it, they can be treated with antibiotics.