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Washington, D.C. – State and county representatives from Wyoming, Montana and Idaho and the superintendents of Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks are considering a winter use plan that would allow a curtailed number of snowmobiles in the parks.

Enzi, who has been involved with the issue since it was raised, said the apparent preferred alternative looks to be consistent with the position he has maintained over the years.

"Based on the information I have now it looks like park officials are headed in the right direction. Allowing a limited number of snowmobiles in our national parks is preferable to barring the gates and cutting off access. I have always maintained that there can be room for a reasonable solution that protects not only the parks, but the ability of those who want to enjoy the parks on snowmobiles.

"Common sense would say that a reduction in the numbers of snowmobiles and/or new emission standards for those snow machines entering the park would be sensible.

"I support park management plans that allow parks to adapt to changing regulations and management science and am pleased that a sustainable solution may be in sight."