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Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., said Wyoming is set to receive $12,908,750 to help support schools, roads, water supplies and other vital services to the state's local communities.

The Department of the Interior announced today that Payments-in-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILT) will be distributed to each of Wyoming's 23 counties to help them budget for their upcoming fiscal year. PILT funds, administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), are allocated to counties to compensate them for non-taxable federal lands located within their boundaries. Payments are made for BLM administered lands, national forests, parks and wildlife refuges, land used for federal water projects and some military installations.

Enzi said PILT funding has consistently been a priority for him and the rest of the state's Congressional delegation and he will continue to impress upon appropriators and the administration the need to increase PILT funding.

"This is what helps fund our local schools and county roads and other maintenance needs," said Enzi. "About half of Wyoming land is under federal control and is untaxed. Ideally, PILT would be funded at it's authorized level as promised by Congress, but so far Congress hasn't kept that promise. We aren't there yet, but this funding increase is an improvement."

Congress appropriates funds for PILT payments to eligible local governments each year. The BLM calculates the amount of payments using a formula based on population and the amount of federal land in a local jurisdiction.

The BLM will distribute nearly $210 million to local governments nationwide, an increase of over $10 million from fiscal year 2001.

Payments to Wyoming's counties include: Albany - $766,105; Big Horn - $565,060; Campbell - $366,002; Carbon - $682,128; Converse - $356983; Crook - $124,221; Fremont - $1,303,528; Goshen - $32,441; Hot Springs - $377,580; Johnson - $461,842; Laramie - $11,580; Lincoln - $643,309; Natrona - $1,584,785; Niobrara - $148,112; Park - $972,606; Platte - $126,358; Sheridan - $492,508; Sublette - $391,914; Sweetwater - $1,389,460; Teton - $708,415; Uinta - $666,653; Washakie - $515,852; Weston - $221,308.