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Wyoming Senators pleased with military appropriations

F.E. Warren Air Force Base drainage package included

September 20, 2004

Washington, D.C. - The U.S. Senate passed legislation today showing continued support for our military and the fight against terrorism, according to U.S. Senators Craig Thomas and Mike Enzi, both R-Wyo.

The Senate passed the Military Construction appropriations bill for fiscal year 2005, H.R. 4837, by a vote of 91-0. Thomas and Enzi voted in favor of the bill which would provide about $10 billion in funding for the planning, design, construction, alteration, and improvement of military facilities around the world.

“This funding is another step in the right direction for the members of our military. By providing our soldiers with the resources they need, they will be more effective. They do a very important job and we must not forget that,” said Thomas.

“Our military needs to have the appropriate physical resources to effectively do its job,” said Enzi. “Without proper funding for training and basing facilities, the risk to our troops and our nation’s security is increased. This appropriations bill fulfills commitments to our troops and strengthens our fight against terrorism.”

The bill provides $5.3 billion for military construction for active and reserve units, $4.1 billion for family housing construction, operations and maintenance, $187.1 million for 10 medical construction projects, and $60 million for the Energy Conservation Investment Program.

Also included in the bill is $5.5 million for the F.E. Warren Air Force Base storm water drainage project. Drainage and flooding problems on and near the base have created problems during large storms when excessive amounts of rain cause flooding in the low-lying areas.

“The solution to the drainage problem is not only good for the folks at F.E. Warren but also for the residents of Cheyenne. We have made a commitment today to the base and the Capitol City,” said Thomas.

“The City of Cheyenne copes with constant worry from flooding because of its downstream location to the base,” said Enzi. “This funding for storm drainage will be the first step in replacing the stopgap measures the base and city have put in place to contend with the drainage problems.”

The House passed its version of the bill July 22 by a vote of 420-1. The legislation will now go to a Senate-House conference committee to work through the differences in the two bills. Both versions included $5.5 million for the F.E. Warren storm water project. After both houses approve the final conference report, it will go to the President for his signature.