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Washington, D.C. U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., put his support behind a bill that would add hundreds of miles of fencing along specific sites of the southern U.S. border where illegal immigration is most extreme.

"We have a lot of repairs we need to make to our immigration system. We need a better TEMPORARY worker program to help the agriculture and hospitality sectors of our economy. We need to ensure that illegal immigrants who sneak across the border are not cutting in front of those who have been waiting in line to obtain legal residency. The first order of business, however, has to be improving border security," said Enzi. "A 700-mile fence targeting the most trespassed areas is not going to solve all our immigration problems, but it’s an essential improvement over a wide-open border. This is one link, a basic link, in the chain of a better immigration system."

Enzi said if the bill becomes loaded with amendments that would help illegal immigrants qualify for Social Security and other benefits or adds amnesty provisions that would give them an advantage over others applying for citizenship, then he will vote against the final bill even though it contains positive border security improvements.

The Senate voted to proceed with discussion on the border fence bill, H.R. 6061, by a vote of 94-0. A final vote on the bill is expected later this week. The House passed the bill on Sept. 14 by a vote of 283-138, 1 present.