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This year, I updated the system used to submit priority projects in order to provide greater transparency to my constituents.  I want to ensure that the numerous requests my office receives are considered through the entire legislative process with multiple opportunities for scrutiny and removal by votes and amendments and ultimately constitute a wise use of U.S. taxpayer dollars.  Earmarks are requests that are dropped into a legislative bill after committee scrutiny - after the appropriation process starts.  I have worked to eliminate earmarks and consequently, the amount of federal funding that I receive via the earmarking process is less than the amount some of my colleagues receive. 

Each year, I receive between 45-100 funding requests for federal dollars from Wyoming constituents.  There are a range of factors that I use when considering the individual merits of each project.  The parameters I use when determining what appropriations projects to pursue each year include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • How much is the funding request?  
  • How many times has the organization submitted the request?
  • How does it compare to other projects that I may submit (for example, will it do the same thing for the same people as another project?)?  
  • How many Wyoming people will it help?  
  • How likely is it that the request will be granted by the Appropriations Committee, the Senate, and/or full Congress?  
  • Does the project have private financing and/or local/state government financing?
  • Does the project have the support for the appropriation by the federal agency for which it is intended?

EVERY individual or organization requesting a priority project will be required to fill out a document describing the project in detail and submit that document to my office.  Should the organization make multiple requests, they must fill out a separate form for each request.  If an organization or individual does not submit the attached form to my office, does not complete the form, etc., the request is automatically disqualified from being submitted. 

I require that all projects meet a number of thresholds before it will even warrant consideration.  Below are the thresholds that will guide the selection process:  

  • Funding requests must have a specific benefit for the State of Wyoming and for our nation.  The benefit must be easily determined.
  • All requests must be a proper and wise use of federal taxpayer dollars and must be justified as such. Projects that include a commitment to match federal funds will receive priority consideration.
  • None of the funding will be used for a building, program, or project that has been named after me or any member of my family. 
  • All requests are submitted within the rules of the Senate and within the deadlines of the Senate Appropriations Committee. 

All request forms and support letters for the Fiscal Year 2009 appropriations process were due by February 15, 2008.  From there, my staff and I collected and organized these requests.  Below are the 33 priority project requests the office of Senator Michael B. Enzi submitted for Fiscal Year 2009, with the project name, and the amount requested, in alphabetical order.

Please note: These projects will only be funded if they are included in their designated Fiscal 2009 appropriations bills and those bills are approved by the Senate, House and signed by the President. 

If you have questions about the projects or process feel free to contact Senator Enzi through the webrespond option on the senator’s home page or by calling 202-224-3424.  Media should email

Requestor Project Amount
Alces Technology, Inc. Ultra High Resolution Deployable Projector for Simulation 550,000
AristaTek Palmtop Emergency Action for Chemicals 3,500,000
Central Wyoming College CWC Virtual Medical Skills Center for Training Nurses in Rural Health Care 1,250,000
City of Evanston Improvements to Historic Evanston Roundhouse and Railyard 675,000
City of Gillette City of Gillette Madison Wells and Pipeline 6,000,000
Community Health Center of Central Wyoming Quality Through Connectivity 430,000
DeltaNu, Inc. Eye-Safe Long-Range Stand-off System for Detection of Chemical and Biological Weapons 2,000,000
Firehole Technologies Multicontinuum Technology for Space Structures 3,600,000
Kemmerer/Diamondville Water and Wastewater Joint Powers Board Kemmerer/Diamondville Water Treatment Facility 4,752,000
Kennon Products, Inc. Lightweight Anti-Ballistic Protection for Aircraft 550,000
Laramie County Community College Laramie County Community College Renewable Energy Technician 500,000
Laramie County Community College LCCC Patient Care Simulation Center 500,000
nanoMaterials Discovery Corporation Electro Converstion of Energetic Materials 6,000,000
National American Indian, Alaskan, and Hawaiian Educational Development Center Expansion of teacher training program 5,000,000
Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts Wyoming Accelerated Soil Survey Project on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management 300,000
South Torrington Water and Sewer District South Torrington Water District Water and Sewer System Replacement 3,454,000
Square One Systems Design Enhanced Robotic Manipulators for Defense Applications 870,000
Town of Midwest Midwest Community Clinic 550,000
University of Wyoming Wildlife/Livestock Disease Research Partnership 500,000
University of Wyoming Wyoming Methamphetamine Research, Education, and Transition Assistance 500000
University of Wyoming Wyoming Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Testing Program 2,500,000
Wyoming Wool Growers Tri-State Predator Control Program 2,300,000
Western Research Institute Cooperative Research and Development 10,000,000
Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts Wyoming Soil Survey Mapping Project 300,000
City of Torrington Separated Grade Crossing for Torrington, WY 500,000
Wyoming Department of Transportation Wyoming 59 Improvement in Campbell County 5,000,000
Wyoming Department of Transportation 17-Mile Road Reconstruction, Wind River Indian Reservation 5,000,000
Wyoming Department of Transportation Interstate 25 Reconstruction, Glenrock to Casper Hat Six Section 5,000,000
Wyoming Department of Transportation Interstate 80, Wamsutter West Section  5,000,000
City of Gillette Improvements to Gurley Avenue Overpass in Gillette, WY 500,000
Wyoming Game and Fish Department Wolf Management and Monitoring 2,500,000
Wyoming Meth Project Campaign to reduce first time meth use 975,000
Wyoming State Geological Survey Advisory Board Yellowstone Volcanic Seismic Array 400,000