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A Message from Senator Enzi

I am back in the state this October attending events, holding meetings and visiting with residents. I also hope to catch a few University of Wyoming football games. Go Pokes! October is a great time to be in Wyoming and I am traveling the state and enjoying the fall colors.
My staff and I have summarized a few of the important issues I have been working on for Wyoming. Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter. More information is available on my Web site. I look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or comments.
Headlines & Highlights
Enzi pushes for states to manage wolf populations
On Sept. 30, Senators Mike Enzi, John Barrasso, Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, James Risch, R-Idaho, and Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, brought forward legislation to put state governments in charge of managing wolf populations that have become a threat to wildlife and livestock. With the Returning Wolf Management to the States Act, S. 3919, states would gain the authority to manage wolf populations and gray wolves would be removed from the Endangered Species Act (ESA). “Recovery numbers and science show that wolves no longer need to be on the endangered species list, but frivolous lawsuits and broken federal promises keep them listed. States are completely capable of managing wolves on their own without the federal government micromanaging them at every turn. This bill would finally free our state, ranchers and wildlife from the shackles of federal mismanagement,” Enzi said.   
Enzi seeks to overturn burdensome health care regulation
In September, Senator Mike Enzi, Ranking Member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, urged the Senate to consider a Resolution of Disapproval that would overturn a new health care regulation that breaks the President’s promise that “if you like what you have, you can keep it.” The resolution failed by a vote of 40-59. The resolution would have spared millions of Americans from paying higher health care costs as a result of new federal mandates. “Without this resolution, many small businesses will have to drop health insurance for their workers because of this regulation,” Enzi said.
On the Horizon
Enzi seeks to keep government in check, co-sponsors two new bills
Senator Mike Enzi signed on as an original co-sponsor of the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, which was introduced by Senator Jim DeMint, R-S.C., on Sept. 22. The act would require Congress to approve any new major rule proposed by the Executive Branch before it can be enforced. This will help improve accountability of the Executive Branch and the quality of federal rules. Once major rules are drafted, they must be approved by both bodies in Congress and signed by the President, satisfying the bicameralism and presentment requirements of the Constitution. Senator Enzi is also co-sponsoring the Reduce and Cap the Federal Workforce Act introduced by Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah. This bill would require all government agencies, with exceptions for the intelligence and defense sectors, to adhere to requirements that would bring their employee numbers back to the level they were before Feb. 16, 2009. Its aim is to help keep the government at a reasonable size. The federal government is growing at an exponential rate and is requiring more and more taxpayer funding. Taxpayer money continues to go toward programs that are not functioning correctly, have completed their goals but have not been shut down, or are not in the best interest of the American citizens. 
Wyoming state offices
Senator Enzi has five state offices in Cheyenne, Gillette, Casper, Cody and Jackson where residents can meet with his state representatives. State offices are open Monday-Friday.

News Nuggets

Enzi welcomes WWII veterans
An honor flight of 106 Wyoming World War II veterans came to Washington, D.C. on Sept. 21-22 to visit the memorial built in their honor. Senator Mike Enzi, along with Senator John Barrasso and Representative Cynthia Lummis, met with the veterans at the World War II memorial to thank them for their service. “Today and every day, we should thank a veteran for their service to our country and protecting our freedoms and thank God for our veterans and their families,” Enzi said. To watch a video of the veterans’ reaction to seeing the memorial, click here.
Pledge to America
Republicans in the House of Representatives have crafted “A Pledge to America,” which serves as a reminder of what makes this country great and what Americans and elected officials need to do to continue its success. It states, “We pledge to honor the Constitution as constructed by its framers and honor the original intent of those precepts that have been consistently ignored – particularly the Tenth Amendment, which grants that all powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” 
Winner announced in Enzi’s photo contest
Senator Mike Enzi hosted a photo contest in August so Wyoming residents could share their perspective of the state with him. The winning photo was selected through votes on Senator Enzi’s Facebook page and it was featured in the banner of his Web site for one full week in September. If you missed out on viewing the photo, you can still check out a photo gallery of the “honorable mentions,” the “top five” photos, and the winning photo on his Web site. Congratulations to Charessa Johnson of Gillette for her winning photo!