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Washington, D.C. - The Senate majority is currently debating a plan that will strip the right of senators to filibuster during discussion of nominees. According to U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., the majority’s decision could forever change how the Senate operates- for the worse.

“If members of the majority in the Senate use the nuclear option to weaken the filibuster, they weaken the Senate itself. A weak Senate is more susceptible to the demands of a smaller majority and the president,” said Enzi. “So much for the rights of the minority inherent in the rules of the Senate. What they are considering would be incredibly short-sighted.”

Enzi believes the change would be a major blow against the people of Wyoming and all those who may have different ideas than any given majority of Americans at any given time.

The majority’s nuclear option would come in two parts. It would require a simple majority to change the Senate rules, rather than the 67 votes now needed. It would also mean that a filibuster on executive-branch nominees could be ended with only 51 votes, rather than the 60-vote threshold now in place.

According to Enzi, if the majority decides to write new rules with a simple majority vote, regardless of the issue, ignoring the existing rules that require a supermajority, it will have put the Senate on a path that will lead to total control of this body by the majority.

“The change itself will be less important than the manner in which it is imposed,” said Enzi.

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