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***Watch Veterans Day Video Here***

Serving in the military requires a willingness to serve others to keep this country great. U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., a veteran of the Air National Guard, issued the following statement for Veterans Day. 

“My Dad served in the Navy. My Uncle served in the Army. I thought it was something that everybody does. I wound up in the Air National Guard, and I’m proud of my service there.

“Service means doing things for others, doing the right thing, being a patriot and serving your country. And from one veteran to another thanks for your service, thanks for the time that you put in and thanks for the blank check that you gave the United States.

“To those who went before us, to those who served with us and to those who came after us, happy Veterans Day.”

Click here to watch a video commemorating Veterans Day with several senators, including Enzi, who served their country.