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The holidays are upon us; the time of year when we gather with friends and loved ones to remember all the things we have to be thankful for. While you’re thinking about the holidays and spending time with family, you might also take a moment to consider your future retirement plans. Will they enable you the financial stability to continue enjoying your family in the years to come?

A good retirement plan for employees of small businesses can be more difficult than it is for larger employers and their employees.

That’s because business retirement plans are so complicated, intimidating and expensive. That is why I’m proposing small businesses be able to join together to better manage retirement plans.

Helping enhance retirement security for employees could be achieved by allowing multiple employer pooling of plans to allow small businesses to join together to make retirement plans easier to manage and significantly less expensive. Since many employers feel the expense of sponsoring a plan is prohibitive, pooling of administration could address that problem by providing a cost-efficient alternative.

Under current law, these kinds of plans must consist only of employees that are joined together by significant interests unrelated to the provision of benefits. Access to Multiple Employer Plans can and should be broadened to provide small businesses with administrative simplicity over their retirement benefits. But this will require the federal government to take an additional step and give businesses more flexibility. This idea has been endorsed by a number of organizations who often have conflicting views on retirement issues.

The future is uncertain, but your retirement plans shouldn’t be.