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Each year at the end of a session of the Congress it has been a tradition for the Senate to pause for a moment to express our appreciation for the service of those members who will be retiring in just a few weeks.  One of those who will be leaving that we will miss is David Vitter. 

David Vitter will be a loss for my Party’s membership in the next Congress because he was a hard worker and we could always count on him for his support of our conservative positions.  Simply put, he made the most of the two terms he served and made an important difference on a number of issues.

Over the years David focused on the legislation that would come up in committee or on the floor.  On each bill he would study the matter carefully to determine how those who would fall under its provisions would be affected.  More often than not he had a good sense of what needed to be strengthened or tweaked to make it more effective and less costly.  The people of Louisiana and the nation had a friend in him and they greatly appreciated how well he looked out for them.

One issue that drew our attention was the health care law.  We both had a lot of concerns about how it would work and whether or not it would provide the kind of care its supporters promised it would.  That’s one of the reasons why I hate to see him leave.  We have a lot of work to do on health care and he would have been someone we could rely on to help with the heavy lifting.

David has had a remarkable career over the years.  He has done his best to serve the people of his state and champion those issues that were of importance to them.

Now David has decided to end his Senate career and take on some new challenges in his life.  I have no doubt that his skills and his background will lead him down a new path and direct him to some new ways to help the people of Louisiana.  I know we all wish him well and we look forward to seeing what he will decide to do.

Diana joins in sending our best wishes and our appreciation for your service to David and his wife Wendy.  Together you were able to make a difference that will last for a long time to come in the Senate and in Louisiana.  It’s good to know you won’t be far away and we can get in touch with you whenever we need your advice on an issue before the Senate.