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U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., warned the Department of Education today that Wyoming doesn’t need the federal government telling it how to provide equalized education for all students.

“We’ve been doing it ourselves since 1889,” Enzi said.

His comments came during a Senate hearing focused on ensuring the Obama Administration correctly implements the new education law passed by Congress last year that returned the responsibility of educating our nation’s students back to states and local communities.

Senators were specifically concerned about a proposal that could force the transfer of teachers to different schools, a clear federal overreach and a potential violation of the new education law.

“I’m the father of a public school teacher and the grandfather of public school students,” Enzi said. “There is no reason that the federal government should be interfering with where my daughter chooses to teach or which teachers instruct my grandchildren.”

Enzi pointed out that Wyoming’s Constitution already calls for a complete and uniform system of public instruction, one that mandates the equitable allocation of resources among all school districts in the state.