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As we enter the holiday season, spending time with family and giving back is on many of our minds. However, for business owners, this time of year is likely the busiest season for sales. Small businesses know this season can be filled with opportunity, but that usually comes with weeks of preparation. Store owners prepare for the holiday rush through many different outlets. Hiring part-time workers, ordering more inventory and even getting the store website up-to-date are just a few. Holidays are consistently the best time for sales, and according to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales are expected to increase 4% since last year. While that may not seem like much, that can be the difference between expanding inventory or even opening another location.

One way shoppers and store owners can come together this November is to participate in Small Business Saturday. On Nov. 30, 2019 the Small Business Administration will host the 10th annual Small Business Saturday where folks are encouraged to shop local and support community retail. By having your business participate in a community-wide event like this one, it is an extra opportunity to let shoppers know that your business is the perfect place to shop this season. The day is intentionally placed between two major retailing days: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you think your small business cannot compete with national retailers, the amount that shoppers spend at small businesses says otherwise. The National Federation of Independent Business estimated that last year’s Small Business Saturday brought in almost $18 billion – a record high. This Nov. 30 is an opportunity for both shoppers and retailers to not miss, as it is a true diamond in the rough in the world of business.

If you’re interested in participating in Small Business Saturday, the Small Business Administration offers resources to help promote your store. Resources such as marketing materials are available to help your neighborhood know that your store is ready for not only this Saturday, but for the entire holiday season. Your small business does not have to be confined to one day. You can also participate in Cyber Monday using your store website. Surveys show that most consumers today are buying online, and your small business can take this opportunity to expand your online presence. Let those holiday shoppers know how convenient your small business is and that you are only one drive or click away. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunities the holiday season can provide your business. No matter where folks are traveling this season, there is always a small business to support. I hope the joy of this special season stays with you, your family and your business throughout the year.