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Think big, think GRO-Biz

February 13, 2020

Wyoming is filled with ideas and hardworking people to match it. If you are a business owner looking to expand your horizon, remember that selling your goods or services to your local, state and even the federal government is an option. Wyoming entrepreneurs bring a lot to the table and now is your chance to showcase your potential on a larger stage. The Government Resources and Opportunities for Business (GRO-Biz) Conference is a great first step to learn how to get your business to thrive in the government realm.

Each year, I support the GRO-Biz Conference to help get Wyoming products on the government’s radar. This year, the conference will be held in Cheyenne on March 25 at the Red Lion Hotel & Conference Center. The conference has two tracks: one that focuses on the basics of government contracting and a second that deals with more advanced navigation of government contracting. The flexible schedule allows you to mix-and-match classes to work with your specific needs. No matter if you are a long-time business owner or just starting to expand more on your ideas, the GRO-Biz Conference has something for you.

Regardless of the experience you have, this is a unique chance where government contractors are coming to you. With the right tools you can be part of a multi-billion dollar market. Even if you feel like your business is not quite ready, networking with these professionals can go a long way. Learn how to pitch your products to match your business’s potential.

To learn more about the GRO-Biz Conference, call (307) 382-0947 or visit to view the schedule and speakers. Your business can also register to attend by clicking “Reserve My Spot” and following the instructions.

Every year I meet many small business owners and see the creative and impressive work they are doing in their communities. One day you could be selling to families in your downtown shop, and the next you could be shipping materials off to our military. Connecting folks in Wyoming to government purchasers is not in my job description but has become an important part of my job, and I work to help to make sure our state has access to every available opportunity. Your potential can go beyond our state. Think big, think GRO-Biz.