I am proud of Wyoming’s strong farming and ranching traditions. We produce some of the best agricultural products in the world and our producers are the best stewards of the land. Wyoming’s economy relies on farmers and ranchers. I am committed to making sure that Wyoming’s agricultural producers have the resources they need to make their living and that federal regulations do not needlessly burden our ranchers and farmers. 
I have been working for Wyoming’s ranchers and farmers since before I came to the Senate. Droughts happen frequently in Wyoming and I have worked with my colleagues in the Senate to ensure that producers have tools available to them to help mitigate risk when it comes to adverse weather and other agricultural disasters.  

For conservation, we’ve made significant improvements to the incentives and financial assistance offered to landowners who use the Environmental Quality Incentives and Conservation Reserve programs. I am especially pleased to see that the program offers additional assistance to beginning farmers and ranchers since we all know that one of the greatest challenges to the future of agriculture is attracting young people into the industry. 
Wyoming’s farmers and ranchers help preserve critical wildlife habitat.  We should continue to provide voluntary incentives so Wyoming’s open space can be protected in perpetuity.  
I have fought to open and keep open U.S. agricultural markets to other countries including Korea and Japan. As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, I will continue to work to ensure that the United States continues to improve its market share for Wyoming beef overseas. 
I am also the sponsor of a bill the U.S. Senate has passed every year since 2005 that honors the late Senator Craig Thomas and cowboys all over the nation. The bill designates one of the last Saturdays in July as “National Day of the Cowboy.”