Sustained economic growth comes from broad-based reforms that will create jobs and increase wealth for all Americans across the nation. An effective, long-term strategy for the U.S. economy should include: small business tax incentives that spur innovation, common-sense, cost-effective health care reform, permanent tax relief for individuals and families, and lifetime education programs that increase workers' job skills. 

We need a tax code that allows businesses and families to keep more of the money they earn.  We need to offer tax incentives to home buyers and reward responsible home owners.  We also need to restore accountability to our federal assistance programs. What we don’t need is excessive rules from bureaucrats in Washington that limit loan options, control consumer decisions, and regulate too many industries, like the types of regulations we’ve seen come out of the Dodd-Frank law.

Promoting energy development is another essential component to helping our economy grow.  We need to increase our supply of American-made energy while at the same time develop new, clean energy sources from coal, hydro, nuclear, wind and solar power.  I believe investing in our nation’s energy should be a top priority and I will continue to fight for an approach that allows us to use all practical forms of energy at the same time we find ways to use less.  

The U.S. must also continue to engage in the global marketplace to survive economically. However, it is critical that we are cautious as we develop strategic and economic partnerships with countries around the world. We must ensure all of our trade agreements are fair to American businesses and that they help promote the growth of American jobs. I am also concerned about losing jobs to overseas competition and unfair trade practices coming from China. I’m looking into options to address this issue, and I’m working to pass legislation that will create jobs in America and promote growth within our small businesses.

Lower taxes, smaller government, cheaper energy, and keeping families in their homes are four pillars necessary to strengthen the economy and create much-needed economic growth.  I am proud to fight for these principles on behalf of every Wyoming resident.

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