Environment/Climate Change

Regardless of where one stands on the issue of global climate change, it makes sense to enact practical energy and environmental policies. We need to continue to produce the energy that powers our homes, businesses and daily lives while we work toward more efficient energy use.

The best way to address carbon emissions and air pollutants is to develop innovative new technologies that keep energy affordable and reliable. Using new technology will help make traditional energy sources cleaner while we work to incorporate more alternative and renewable energy sources like wind, solar and nuclear power. This also allows us to move toward more efficient energy production without imposing policies that would create severe economic damage.

By working to develop new technology, we can make it a truly global effort to produce energy more efficiently. India and China are two of the largest polluters in the world and their emissions are growing every day. Sharing technology to make their energy use cleaner will have a real impact on cutting emissions globally. The United States’ efforts alone cannot solve global emissions issues.

A cap-and-trade system might better be called a cap-and-tax system. Placing a cap on carbon emissions will make energy more expensive and the increased costs will not be paid by energy producers. Rather, those costs will be passed on to energy consumers who could see dramatic increases in their energy bills. 

Ultimately, Congress sets our energy and environmental policies. The EPA should implement policies that reflect what Congress has passed and not to move forward with an agenda that favors one form of energy over another or would increase energy prices. Ensuring that the people of Wyoming and this country aren’t burdened by overly stringent rules and regulations that prevent business development and economic growth continues to be my focus as Congress considers policy regarding energy and the environment.

As the Senate considers the issue of climate change, I will work to promote more efficient energy production that allows our country to move toward better energy production without causing economic harm.