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VIDEO: Collecting common sense for Washington from Wyoming

Enzi answers constituent questions on sequester, Violence Against Women Act

February 28, 2013

After traveling more than 2,000 miles across Wyoming last week and holding listening sessions in 11 communities, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., sat down to address topics that have been of concern to Wyoming residents: sequestration and the Violence Against Women Act. The topics were selected from comments Enzi received on Facebook and Twitter, through phone calls to his D.C. and Wyoming offices, and through email and written letters.

Sequester (spending cuts)

“One of the things we needed to do is force every department, every agency, and every program to list what they do best and prioritize it down to what they do worst. Then we can eliminate the worst first. That’s what really needs to be done. That’s the way good management would happen. That’s what the president’s job is. He’s supposed to be the manager of our country. We are supposed to be the lawmakers and the appropriators. He’s not doing the management job, he’s just out campaigning and that’s wrong.”

Violence Against Women Act

“We’ve had this same bill essentially two previous times and I have helped support it and get it through the process. This time, there’s a little part in there that is unconstitutional and we couldn’t get that changed so there was guaranteed due process.”

Senator Enzi plans to do these “Collecting Common Sense from Wyoming for Washington” videos every other week when the Senate is in session. He encourages Wyoming residents to continue sharing their thoughts, ideas, and questions and he will try to address as many of the topics as possible.  For individual responses, constituents should email him through his web page- .

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