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Two months after the statutory deadline to submit his budget for Fiscal Year 2014, President Obama introduced his fiscal plan for America’s future today that incorporated recycled ideas for more taxes, more spending, and an accelerated path into more debt. Asking for another $1 trillion in new taxes after already signing more than $1.7 trillion in tax increases into law is not balanced and neither is the budget, according to U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., a senior member of the Senate Budget Committee.

“No matter how many times you repackage it, disguise it, or repeat it, more taxes, more spending, and never living within our means is not fiscal responsibility. This approach got zero votes before and probably will again. This is not a serious attempt to address our debt crisis in any meaningful way and the president knows it. Being in charge requires making the tough decisions, especially when they aren’t popular,” Enzi said.

Enzi believes the president should do what he should have done a long time ago and embrace the Simpson-Bowles plan, which includes serious spending cuts.

“The president’s budget never balances. Not only do we need the budget to balance, we should be paying down the debt back to the pre-stimulus levels. That would include the stimulus bills and the total cost of wars. America is at a critical financial time. During WWII, President Roosevelt called on America to buy bonds. It’s time we took out a second mortgage on all this deficit spending and started paying down debt.”