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There is good news for those who travel with a bow to go hunting or for recreational purposes. Today the Senate passed a bill that included language to allow bows and archery equipment to be transported lawfully through national parks.

Attached to the Energy Policy Modernization Act, which the Senate passed 85-12, the bill would provide the same protection to bow owners on federal land that gun owners already enjoy. The provision is part of a bipartisan effort championed by U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., over the last several years.

“I am glad the Senate was able to extend the same important protection to bow-owners that firearm owners are already provided,” Enzi said. “It is important that Congress is able to provide common-sense protection for law-abiding citizens who need to travel across national parks to get to the land they intend to bow hunt on.”

The House has passed an energy bill that does not include the bow language and the House and Senate will now form a conference committee to reconcile the difference in the bills passed in both chambers. The final version would then have to be passed by the Senate and House and signed into law by the president.