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Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senators Craig Thomas, Mike Enzi and Representative Barbara Cubin, all R-Wyo., congratulated two Wyoming schools for being in an elite group of 25 teams comprised of 29 schools nationwide chosen as NASA Explorer School (NES) Teams.

"I am pleased that NASA has included these two schools in Arapahoe as part of its Explorer School program, which will build a foundation for future explorers by peaking our children’s interest in both science and math," said Thomas.

"This recognition represents the culmination of a great deal of hard work and determined effort," said Enzi. "I look forward to seeing what these exemplary schools are able to achieve by pairing up with one of the utmost innovators in the world of math and science. This partnership will bring the universe to the fingertips of these Wyoming students."

"I am very pleased that two Wyoming schools have been selected for NASA's Explorer Schools program. I anticipate the next three years to represent an opportunity for students at both Arapahoe School and Arapahoe Charter High School to develop a keen new interest in science and mathematics. This is an exciting time for these students. I truly hope this experience will inspire students to pursue careers in fields they otherwise may not have considered," said Cubin.

NES Teams are selected for a three-year period and are eligible to receive up to $17,500 over that period to support science and mathematics involvement with students. As an NES Team, the educators and students at the Arapahoe Elementary and High Schools will partner with NASA to improve student learning through participation in authentic experiences with NASA science and technology; apply NASA science, mathematics and technology knowledge to real world issues and problems and participate in special events and other opportunities.

For more information on the NASA Explorer School Program please click HERE.