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“This Memorial Day people all across Wyoming and this great nation will remember our nation’s veterans and the sacrifices they have made to keep our nation strong and free. We will acknowledge their service and express our appreciation,” said U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo. Monday, May 26, is Memorial Day and Enzi is asking all Americans to take the time to honor those who have fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice to serve and protect our country.

“Freedom isn’t free. It comes to us at a great cost,” said Enzi. “Members of our armed forces gave their lives to protect and preserve our cherished American way of life, to defend the rights and responsibilities that come to us from our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

Since the Civil War, Memorial Day has been reserved to recognize, respect and honor America's sons and daughters who died serving their country.

“Diana and I will join all of you on Memorial Day and say a prayer that God will keep those who serve our nation safe and bring them home to us so that they, too, may soon be a part of all the activities of Memorial Day. We will also keep those who have died and their families and friends in our thoughts and prayers. We owe them all a debt we will never be able to repay,” said Enzi.

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