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Washington, D.C. -Tonight President Bush presented the American people with his strategy for operations in Iraq. U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., made the following comments:

"It is clear that he remains committed to achieving a stable Iraq where the Iraqi people will be able to determine their own future. No one wants our troops to remain in Iraq longer than necessary. We are not going to abandon the efforts of the people who have sacrificed so much.

"I’m focusing on what these additional troops will be doing and where these troops will be assigned. What will their mission be on the ground? President Bush is not advocating sending more troops simply for the sake of sending more troops. Allowing Iraq to become a haven for terrorists in the way that Afghanistan was before Sept. 11 is not in our national interest and stands as a real threat to U.S. safety and security. Under no circumstances can the United States permit a new terrorist sanctuary to be solidified in Iraq. The increase in strength is meant to achieve specific benchmarks. I will be evaluating closely the progress we are making on these goals. This campaign must provide security for the people of Iraq. If the people do not feel secure with U.S. and Iraqi forces, they will turn towards terrorist organizations that prey on their fears and provide a false sense of security.

"The President is making strategy adjustments in order to improve stability. We’re not talking about just Iraq here. We are trying to prevent a catastrophic blowup that would not only be traumatic for the Middle East, but would send reverberations throughout the world.

"I think that if Iraq can put together an impartial coalition of the three groups, the Kurds, Sunnis and Shi’a, with shared responsibilities as well as shared oil revenues being used to solve problems in their own country, then it will not only be good for Iraq, but the Middle East as a whole. America’s long-term security interests would be best served by an Iraq that can sustain, govern, and defend itself, while serving as an ally in the war against the terrorists. Iran is doing everything it can to destabilize Iraq and the region.

"I continue to oppose a strict timeline for withdrawal of troops from Iraq. A strict timeline allows the terrorists to go to underground and wait for the U.S. to leave. We are now requiring benchmarks for not only the coalition, but the Iraqi Administration. We need to succeed for the future and succeed for the effort made by all the people who have already sacrificed so much."