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Enzi: We have to take a stand on spending, even when it’s not convenient

Good doesn’t outweigh bad when we bankrupt our country

January 16, 2014

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., issued the following statement after the Senate passed an all-inclusive spending bill that enacts much of what was agreed to in the Ryan/Murray budget deal.  Enzi voted against the $1.1 trillion legislation.

“We have to take a stand on spending, even when it’s not convenient. Congress and President Obama agreed to cut spending in 2011 with the Budget Control Act and here we are again violating that promise to be better stewards of tax dollars. The good in this bill can’t outweigh the bad when overspending is bankrupting our country. This massive, all-inclusive spending bill is another example of Congress putting off its work until the last minute and then members patting themselves on the back for passing a trillion dollars in spending with no oversight, no amendments, and all sorts of peripherals that were included without debate or votes.  These are the new earmarks. Our nation can’t afford to keep spending money we borrow from other countries.

“Congress is supposed to start work on spending bills in late spring and finish by October 1. That timetable is in place so we can look into all the spending the federal government does and cut the things that we shouldn’t or don’t need to be doing. But we haven’t gone through this process at all in recent years. It’s no coincidence that our national debt has nearly doubled in the last five years. Until we can get back to doing things the right way – using committees, doing our work, being allowed to offer amendments and have votes – we shouldn’t be rubber stamping these spending bills that put us further in debt.”