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During a hearing today on the nomination of Eugene Scalia to serve as secretary of labor, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., asked about his ideas to improve job training and Job Corps in states like Wyoming.

Enzi said job training centers, like the Wind River Job Corps Center in Fremont County, are making a positive difference in the economy and in the job market. He asked Scalia what his priorities would be for what he would like to accomplish in terms of job training, and whether or not Job Corps would fit into his vision for such training.

Scalia noted that while we are looking at record low unemployment and more than a year of 3% wage growth, there are a number of factors that lead to the well-being of American workers and how well jobs pay.

“Job Corps is an important responsibility of the Department of Labor,” Scalia said. “That is one of the number of different ways that the Labor Department helps workers but also helps America’s productivity by matching interested, willing workers with businesses that have the need for the kinds of talents they are bringing.”

Enzi also brought up the successes of Climb Wyoming, a program established in 1986 for low-income single mothers to receive career training and placement, and how going into non-traditional jobs can be beneficial to our workers.

“Wyoming had some people that invented something called Climb Wyoming, which is for single moms to get non-traditional jobs,” Enzi said. “They are driving trucks and managing warehouses. The program is being copied by a number of other states now.”