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Wyoming’s congressional delegation are among the top “cutters” of federal spending according to the National Taxpayers Union. A recent report from the group credited Wyoming’s three members with supporting hundreds of billions of dollars in federal cost savings.

One of the bills that would cut the most federal spending is U.S. Senator Mike Enzi’s Penny Plan. The bill would cut 1 percent from total federal spending for three years, which would balance the budget. Once a balanced budget is achieved, the Penny Plan would place a cap on total spending each year to force the government to live within its means.

“Our constituents in Wyoming want us to bring some sanity to the runaway government spending that has plagued America for years. We all learned in the Wyoming legislature that you don’t spend money you don’t have and that it is possible to do more with less. The quicker more members of Congress learn that lesson, the faster we can get around to balancing the budget and paying off our $17 trillion national debt,” Enzi said.

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