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Washington, D.C. – Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton announced today that she intends to step down as the head of that agency. U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi praised Norton for her good work in a tough job.

“Very few issues can combust more quickly and burn hotter than the politics of public lands, especially in the West. For more than 5 years Gale Norton has had the job of putting out those emotional fires and seeing that we get the most out of our public lands and that these lands and the wildlife that calls them home remain healthy and vibrant. She has done an admirable job in my estimation. Grizzly bears are on their way to recovery and delisting. We also have a national energy policy in place which is helping improve our energy security in the future. Secretary Norton has been helping to lead us toward responsible energy development in Wyoming and the West. She is from the West and she used her understanding of the West to do her job well. I wish her the best in whatever path she chooses to travel next.

“I will work with the new Secretary to see that land management concerns in Wyoming are heard and acted on by the Department promptly.”