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Though the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims that it is trying to pass a “clean power plan”, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., said it is more honest to call the new energy regulations a “no power plan”. Enzi applauded the Senate passage of two resolutions today aimed at scrapping the EPA rules that are intended to end coal power plants.

Speaking on the Senate floor today Enzi called the EPA rules a miscalculated regulation aimed at keeping coal in the ground at any cost. Enzi said the new rules would cost the country hundreds of billions of dollars and cause double digit electricity rate increases across the country. Twenty-four states have also sued the EPA to block the plan’s implementation, including Wyoming.

“If the power plants that produce energy from fossil fuels like coal are forced to shutter their doors or make dramatic structural changes, it will have tangible negative impacts on fossil fuel consumers,” Enzi said. “If that doesn’t alarm you, it should, because according to the National Mining Association, every person in America uses 20 pounds of coal a day.”

Enzi was critical of the president’s intent to present the “clean power plan” to a U.N. climate summit in Paris at the end of the month.

“To make commitments to our allies based on a plan that doesn’t have the support of the American public is nothing short of irresponsible and disingenuous,” Enzi said.

President Obama has said that he plans to veto the resolutions the Senate passed today.