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U.S. Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso, both R-Wyo., were joined today by all Senate Republicans in advocating for the Balanced Budget Amendment as one of the most solid solutions to America’s debt problem. Enzi and Barrasso issued the following comments concerning the fiscal situation America faces and the importance of passing the Balanced Budget Amendment:

“Our nation has always risen to our challenges and faced them head on without fear or reservation. Our spending addiction and resulting debt is that next challenge,” said Enzi. “We have tried for years to hide it, disguise it, and ignore it. We no longer have that option. We can either balance our budget or go broke.”

“We have watched for months as debt-strapped countries from around the globe are struggling to keep their countries solvent and paying their bills. People riot in the streets and wonder where their leaders were when this situation could have been avoided,” said Enzi. “That is the future for America if we don’t start making the difficult decisions that are necessary for the future of our country.”

“For too long, Congress and the President have used budget tricks to spend money we simply don’t have,” said Barrasso. “Wyoming balances the budget every year—it’s time for Washington to follow Wyoming’s lead.  A Balanced Budget amendment would ensure that Washington is constitutionally obligated to avoid the reckless overspending of the past.  It is our responsibility to secure our children’s future by freeing them from this crushing burden of debt.”

The Balanced Budget Amendment is a bill that proposes a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget every year. The bill would cap spending and require a 2/3 majority of Congress to approve additional spending or any tax increases.