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Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., said the President's proposed $2.13 trillion budget sets clear priorities and recognizes new realities facing the nation.

"The President's budget accurately reflects the nation's priorities," said Enzi. "Terrorism threatens our economy, our security, our very lives and an investment in our military and homeland security is not a want, but a necessity."

Enzi noted the President's budget would hold the government accountable by reforming management and budget practices and linking program funding to program results in three primary areas; winning the war on terrorism, strengthening homeland security and revitalizing the economy and creating jobs.

"This budget tells me that the President realizes that merely throwing money into a program does not ensure success. Those dollars must be used wisely," Enzi said.

Enzi will continue to analyze the budget to determine its direct impact on Wyoming.

"Federal spending under the President's budget would go up an average of about 8.5 percent for anti-terrorism and economic stimulus related initiatives and up about 2 percent in other areas. I share the President's belief that we must set spending at reasonable levels," Enzi said. "Although I may have different opinions as to the specific funding levels for certain programs that may have a direct impact on Wyoming, overall I will help the President hold the line on fiscal responsibility."

Enzi said the President's proposal would increase defense spending for the war on terrorism and to modernize the military, improve intelligence, protect troops against chemical and biological attacks and to give troops a pay raise, among others uses.

Enzi was encouraged that the President's budget proposal builds on the passage of an education bill that Enzi contributed to as a member of the Senate-House Education Conference Committee. The budget will include increases in funding for special education, low income students and reading initiatives aimed at ensuring that every child can read by the third grade.

Enzi was also pleased that ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce dependence on foreign oil were prominent in the President's proposal.

Enzi was particularly enthusiastic about Freedom Corps, the President's volunteer initiative.

"Volunteers are the people who make a difference every day as they work to make their communities better places to live," said Enzi. "The President has challenged every one of us to volunteer and use our individual skills for the good of others and this volunteer initiative will make a difference for America."

The President's proposed budget is merely a blueprint that must first be amended and approved by Congress before it is signed into law. Actual spending levels will be set during the reconciliation and appropriations process later this year.

Enzi said the economy is in need of an additional economic stimulus, this budget contains tax incentives designed to spur economic growth.

"I remain the President's steadfast ally on his tax cut proposals. A federal tax cut means a budget increase for hard-working taxpayers," said Enzi. "I'm concerned about the budgets of Wyoming families. Reducing taxes improves family budgets and business growth which will help lead us to a better economy. A growing economy will provide increased tax revenues for the federal budget."