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Washington, D.C. – President Bush appointed Otto Reich Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs and Eugene Scalia Labor Department Solicitor.

U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., made the following statement.

"Be assured that I will continue to support the President and will continue to work with the Administration to advance the foreign and labor policy of the United States."


"Although I opposed the recess appointment of Mr. Reich, I am aware recess appointments are a prerogative of the President and support his right to do so.

"While I remain opposed to Mr. Reich's appointment, I have not been opposed to a hearing for Mr. Reich, nor will I oppose a hearing if the Administration re-submits Mr. Reich's nomination.

"I shared my reasons for opposing the Reich nomination with the Administration and I will continue direct communication of my concerns on this matter with the Administration rather than indirectly through media channels."


"I was one of the strongest advocates for a nomination hearing for Eugene Scalia to be the Solicitor for the Department of Labor. I worked with my colleagues on the Labor Committee and welcomed the decision to hold a hearing for Mr. Scalia. Senate nomination hearings are an important and integral part of our American system. I was also one of the strongest advocates of bringing his nomination to the floor for a vote after he was favorably voted out of committee.

"I would have preferred a floor vote on Mr. Scalia's nomination rather than a recess appointment after my Labor Committee colleagues and I were given the opportunity for a vote on his nomination and we reported it to the Senate floor favorably. That is a major difference between the Scalia appointment and Reich appointment. Mr. Reich did not go before the Foreign Relations Committee in a hearing nor did the committee vote on his nomination.

"Mr. Scalia is highly qualified for this important job and after the stall on a floor vote filling the vacancy was long overdue."