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WASHINGTON - U.S. Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso and Representative Barbara Cubin, all R-Wyo., today applauded the National Park Service’s decision to keep Sylvan Pass open for winter use from December 22nd through March 1st.  After six months of negotiations, the Sylvan Pass Study Group reached agreement with the National Park Service (NPS) today to open the pass.  This brings to a close a three year process.

Access to Yellowstone National Park via the East Entrance is essential to recreation and tourism in western Wyoming.

Senator Enzi said: “I commend Cody residents for their hard work to stop a top down government approach in their back yard. The hard work has paid off. The process is finally culminating with the Park Service listening to those in the area who depend on the Park for their livelihood. I’ve been against the yearly efforts to close the entrance and am pleased the Park Service was responsive and recognized the importance of keeping Sylvan Pass open.”

Senator Barrasso said: “I applaud the hard work put in by our community representatives to find resolution to this issue. It is long overdue that the Park Service agreed to our local concerns.  As a matter of principal, they have no right to shut the people of Wyoming out of Yellowstone.  Today’s decision to allow access to the Park via snowmobiles and snowcoaches is the right answer.”

Representative Cubin said: “When the Park Service first proposed to close Sylvan Pass in March of last year, I let them know loud and clear that there is no priority more important than dependable public access to Yellowstone Park.  Since then, I have fought against the closure shoulder-to-shoulder with Park County residents.  The agreement to keep Sylvan Pass open is not only a win for Northwest Wyoming, but a victory for every one of us who values our access to, and enjoyment of, public lands in the West.”