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Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., joined Senate Republicans this week to roll out a jobs plan that focuses on promoting economic growth and prosperity by removing more of Washington from the lives of American families and businesses.

“Jump-starting the economy and creating jobs requires fiscal discipline, spurring innovation and freeing businesses from burdensome regulations that kill jobs,” said Enzi, a former small business owner. “That happens when we cut spending, adopt a Balanced Budget Amendment and simplify and reduce the tax rates for all Americans.”

The Senate Republicans Jobs Plan addresses many of the hurdles that impede economic recovery. Under the plan, tax rates for individuals and businesses would be lowered, and the Research and Development tax credit and small business tax incentives, such as immediate expensing of equipment purchases, would be made permanent to help businesses cope with the costs of innovation and expansion.  New markets would be opened through the ratification of three export-opening trade agreements, and the low tax rates on capital gains and dividends would be made permanent to eliminate uncertainty for investors. 

“Opportunity is only available through an environment that promotes investment and entrepreneurship,” said Enzi. “I believe everything we do in Washington should provide American families and businesses with the confidence that we are on their side.”   

Other provisions of the plan would lift prohibitions on outer continental shelf energy exploration, increase the federal loan guarantee authority for nuclear power and require greater access to federal lands for the exploration of resources.

“These policies would allow America to champion all of our natural resources and ensures access to clean, affordable and reliable domestic energy,” Enzi said. 

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