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Just two months ago, President Obama signed into law the Murray-Ryan budget deal that eroded deficit reductions from a previous budget agreement. The budget proposal the president introduced today is essentially a “Dear Santa” wish list for the president and his allies, according to U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., a senior member of the Senate Budget Committee.

“For years, President Obama has claimed that he is willing to address America’s fiscal challenges in an open and bipartisan matter. Sadly, this budget proposal shows that he’s thrown in the towel and would rather just spend more of your money regardless of the consequences,” said Enzi. “It’s a political document designed to fire up his political base during the last election while he’s still in office. While he may believe his legacy is on the line, history would write itself if he had the courage to lead instead of watch as we sink further under the weight of spending we can’t afford.”

The policies in the president’s budget reflect the spending priorities of the Senate majority and the Administration over the past five years - the $6.8 trillion in new spending and $1.7 trillion in new taxes shows the priority is a larger federal government. Enzi said he and his colleagues are offering better policies that would promote economic growth and create jobs without having to borrow money from other countries to finance it.

“America has the potential to go in a new direction. We just need elected representatives to listen to what their constituents are actually telling them. We need to focus on getting our debt under control, and that begins by making government leaner, not larger. We need to take an axe to the red tape and unnecessary regulations that are preventing businesses from hiring. We need to focus on bringing down the costs of health care and that begins by going in a different direction than Obamacare. There are better ideas, there are better solutions, and there are better ways forward. The president’s budget, however, is a repeat of what we know doesn’t work: more taxes, more debt, more instant gratification at the expense of our nation’s future,” said Enzi.

Enzi believes there are better solutions to addressing America’s problems than what President Obama proposes. The senator’s Penny Plan would cut one percent from total federal spending until the budget balances while giving Congress the flexibility to choose where to cut. Obamacare has increased the costs of doing business and forced more people into part-time work. One solution is to defer to state labor laws and prior federal definitions to determine who is a full-time worker or what constitutes a small business. EPA regulations on power plants and automobiles are increasing energy prices. One way to keep energy costs down is to limit the EPA’s authority and require approval by Congress for any new regulations.