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Washington, D.C. - Wyoming has gained new influence in how the U.S. conducts its business with foreign governments. U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., now occupies a seat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

"I'm hopeful this assignment will open new doors in the areas I've already been working on, including climate change, expanding trade and ensuring our domestic agricultural and other businesses are able to compete on an even playing field with foreign industries. This committee post also dovetails nicely with my position on the Senate Banking Committee where I've been involved in international monetary policy and export controls," said Enzi.

Enzi said his involvement with issues such as human rights, oversight of the United Nations and military operations is likely to increase because of the new position.

The Foreign Affairs vacancy was a result of the shift that took place when Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords switched from Republican to an Independent and changed committee assignments.

Subcommittee assignments have not been finalized. Enzi will retain his membership on the Senate Banking Committee and the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. He is also likely to stay on the Small Business Committee. Enzi is also a member of the Special Committee on Aging, a non-standing committee which does not vote on legislation. Senate leadership will determine at a later time whether Enzi will remain on that committee.

The Foreign Relations Committee jurisdiction includes the areas of foreign economic, military, technical, and humanitarian assistance, international law as it relates to foreign policy, international aspects of nuclear energy, including nuclear transfer policy, diplomatic service, international conferences and congresses, foreign loans and others.