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The refund check is in the mail

IRS office in Cheyenne holds 'help day' Saturday

June 15, 2001

Washington, D.C. - The check will soon be in the mail, literally, for thousands of Wyoming residents, according to U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi.

The IRS will begin mailing out tax refund checks starting July 23. Single taxpayers could receive up to $300 while married couples could get checks up to $600, depending on taxable income.

Enzi said the refund is the result of a tax relief package he and other legislators were able to pass through Congress.

Taxpayers can determine when their check will be mailed by matching the last two digits of their Social Security number to the following dates: July 23, 00-09; July 30, 10-19; August 6, 20-29; August 13, 30-39; August 20, 40-49; August 27, 50-59; September 3; 60-69; September 10, 70-79; September 17, 80-89; and September 24, 90-99.

Residents can calculate how much they will receive by visiting the Treasury Department's website this site,