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Washington, D.C. – New health insurance rules unveiled this week violate President Obama’s promise to allow Americans who like their health plans to keep them, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, Ranking Member of the Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee, said today on the Senate floor.
“Last week, the Administration published a 121-page interim final rule that will increase the costs businesses pay for health insurance. If employers do almost anything on their own to help slow the growth in their health insurance costs, they will lose the limited protections against the expensive new mandates in the new law,” Enzi said.
One year ago, President Obama delivered a speech to the American Medical Association in which he vowed that health care reform would not infringe on anyone’s ability to maintain the health insurance coverage that they had before passage of health care reform.
“Rather than making it easier for businesses to continue to provide health insurance, the new regulation will actually make it more likely that employers will simply drop their coverage. It says plainly, if you like the health care coverage you have, you can’t keep it,” Enzi said.
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