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Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., said the President presented America with a roadmap, a clear direction for the nation in his State of the Union Address Tuesday night.

Below are some of the comments Enzi made concerning the President's emphasis on the economy, healthcare, faith-based initiatives, energy, Iraq and the war on terrorism.

"President Bush has demonstrated once again that he is a forward thinking president who understands that our nation's problems won't go away unless we do something about them. He won't sluff off on future congresses, presidents or generations problems that need to be dealt with today and he means it. This President is not afraid to take on the big challenges. He doesn't believe in passing the buck or playing kick the can."


"The President addressed the need to grow the economy and create jobs and provided some details on how to accomplish those goals. As a member of the Senate Budget Committee I'm particularly pleased with his goal of keeping federal spending from increasing more than 4 percent. That's how much the average family's income goes up and the President is right in saying the federal government shouldn't be able to spend more than people are earning. We start hearings in the Budget Committee Wednesday on the President's plan and I'm really looking forward to participating."


"He also addressed the need to fix Medicare and provide for a prescription drug benefit. I'm a member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee along with Senator Bill Frist, who is also the Majority Leader and the only doctor in the Senate. This means we will have a real opportunity to concentrate our efforts on these issues and see results."

Faith-based initiative

"I was pleased once again with the President's emphasis on faith-based initiatives and the need to rejuvenate volunteerism in our country. Re-energizing our churches and volunteer efforts will have a positive affect on Wyoming's and the nation's communities. There is no end to the problems we can solve in our communities when we have that kind of effort."


"I was also glad the President laid out an energy plan and was pleased with his challenge to America to create hydrogen powered automobiles. This challenge could have an affect on Wyoming, which is the hydrocarbon capital of the nation. I hope Wyoming and American inventors will find a way to make this plan into a reality."

Terrorism and Iraq

"It was important for the President to clarify that the weapons inspections in Iraq are not some huge scavenger hunt across an area the size of California. It's up to Saddam to show us what he has and to destroy his weapons of mass destruction. We know he has used these weapons against his own people and that leads us to believe he will use them against us.

"To borrow a little from Secretary of State Powell, Saddam is on an a terrorism Interstate. He's had many chances to take an off ramp, but so far he's passed them all up. He only has a couple left before he runs out of road. The President is a strong leader and that's good because in making Saddam understand our resolve we have more hope for peace.

"I met with members of the Russian duma this week and one of the topics we discussed was naturally Iraq. Russia is concerned about action against Iraq because Iraq is one of their biggest trading partners. I asked the Russian officials to help emphasize to Saddam that he has no option, but to disarm.

"I'm also pleased the President talked about the successes we've already had against terrorism by taking out of commission thousands of terrorists. As a member of the Senate Banking Committee I've monitored some of the financial disruptions we've been able to carry out on terrorist networks. We are making progress in this conflict, but we cannot stop fighting.

"This is not a president that is interested in half measures. I like the confidence and optimism he displays and has in our country and together I'm convinced we can do it."