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During a subcommittee hearing today on single-payer health care systems, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., stated that the Affordable Care Act was designed to fail and push America towards a government-run plan.

“What works in Canada, Denmark, or France with smaller populations, may not work in the United States,” said Enzi. “The Affordable Care Act was designed to fail. That was predicted by Senator Graham 15 years ago and he thought they’d come up with a system that was designed to fail and then we could go to universal, single-pay system. That could have worked except for one thing - The debacle with the design of the exchanges reminded people in America what happens when the federal government tries to handle everything for this vast United States with one plan.”

Enzi also recalled a similar hearing years ago where practitioners of health care, and not those who study it, stated that America would not settle for universal single-payer health care.          

“One of the questions we asked was, ‘Will universal, single-pay health care work in America?’ The health care practitioners said America won’t settle for a universal single-payer healthcare. At the end of that roundtable, Senator Kennedy came up to me and said ‘I guess we should look at some of the things you’ve suggested like small business health plans and being able to sell across state lines,” Enzi said.

In response to a question about Medicare, Enzi stated that “Medicare is not the best example of how to get health care in America.” Noting that if seniors were presented with another option other than Medicare, they would take it due to the high number of seniors that are unable to find doctors that are taking Medicare patients.