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The Senate’s Medicine

Senator Enzi prescribes single issue legislation, at least 24 hours of debate, biennial budget to let everyone’s voice be heard

May 21, 2014

The whole country knows something is wrong with our Congress. This is not because members don’t have ideas, bills or amendments to address the issues of the day, but because the majority leader has sought to silence debate in the Senate and prevent senators from representing their constituents, according to U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., who spoke on the Senate floor today. Instead of allowing the majority leader to use procedural tactics to stifle debate and block amendments, Enzi recommends that the Senate only consider legislation that addresses a single issue, allow at least 24 hours of debate on bills, and adopt a biennial budget to allow senators to focus on each spending area individually.

“Congress has 535 elected representatives. When each of us looks at every proposal, lots of viewpoints and experience get put into the decisions we make for our country, but if all the decisions are made by the majority leader the vast majority of Americans get short changed. Shortcuts are taken, committees are skipped. Legislation is long, cumbersome and not easily read or understood. Spending reaches all-time highs, but we get less for our money. This has to change,” said Enzi. “Single-issue legislation, 24 hours of debate, and a biennial budget are some ideas on how to solve these problems. This won't change unless those who are here exercise our rights. That may not happen until those outside Washington demand it. Demand that these and other ideas get considered. Demand your senators be allowed to represent you.”

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