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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced a proposal today to temporarily suspend its methane venting and flaring rule from oil and gas operations on federal and Indian land until January 2019. The BLM said it proposed delaying the rule to provide sufficient time to consider revising or rescinding the harmful Obama-era regulation.

Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., called the proposed delay and review a welcome relief for those companies who would suffer under the burden of the duplicative and unnecessary rule. Enzi said he hoped the delay will eventually lead to the rule being rescinded.

“The BLM methane rule is impractical, repetitive and should have never been implemented in the first place,” Enzi said. “Today’s decision brings much needed relief to American energy producers, and I hope it marks the beginning of the end for this rule. It is good to know that the BLM continues to review burdensome regulations to ensure we are not unfairly disrupting America’s energy production, which provide important jobs for American families and supports our energy independence. We should be working to help promote energy production on public lands, not stifle it.”

Enzi cosponsored and voted for a resolution to repeal BLM’s methane rule earlier this year, though the Senate failed to pass the resolution.